lecarrénoir – an exclusive NFT representing the logical reductive endpoint of art as a concept. The first piece of commercially-released anti-anti-anti-art, and a unique opportunity to own and treasure the beginnings of a brand new artistic movement. Is it just a black square, or something profoundly more?

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Bitch Smarties!


Last night’s edition of the BBC’s Question Time was interesting. One of the questions brought up the topic of Midget Gems. These sweets (candy), basically firmer Wine Gums, were popular in the 1950s and are apparently still sold by Maynards and various supermarkets. The question was whether they should be renamed, as the word “midget” is rather offensive to those of reduced stature.

Jess Phillips argued that the word is offensive, so they should be renamed:

“You wouldn’t eat a chocolate bar that had racist slurs written on them. You just wouldn’t, and you wouldn’t have, like y’know, sort of… BITCH SMARTIES!”

Jess Phillips MP

This point was hotly contested by a number of people who suggested that they absolutely would buy Bitch Smarties. I felt my creative juices stir, moved to envisage the marketing of such a brand. Behold the end result of my efforts:

Bitch Smarties
Bitch Smarties, by Jesslé.

Original Pixel Phone – The Unlimited Google Photos Uploader


Find out how to use the full potential of Google Photos on the original Google Pixel (2016) phone in order to automatically provide full quality backups from any other Android phone. You’ll need an original Pixel or Pixel XL for this to work. Skip straight to the guide.

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Pixels in Space!


The camera has always been one of the standout features of Google’s Pixel phones. Every few months, the app is updated with new features. As the basics of everyday photo taking were already covered, some of these additions are rather niche. Portrait mode was nice to have, giving a soft bokeh blur to the background, but it still struggles with curly hair. Time Lapse mode is neat, but not something I’ve really found a use for. Night Sight mode was a recent example of a feature with more widespread appeal, providing a huge leap in quality for low-light photos. I can’t however imagine a lot of people would ever consider using their phone to take pictures of the night sky…

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