Oneworld Publications Catalogue


I was commissioned to design a series of printed catalogues for Oneworld Publications, an independent literary publishing house based in Oxford. I designed covers and page layouts, and automated the production process, saving the company a significant amount of time.

Production & Automation

I used Adobe InDesign with the EasyCatalog plugin by 65-bit Software to automate the production. After designing the master pages and templates, this allowed the company to easily edit copy in a Google Sheets spreadsheet without needing additional software. I was then able to export their edits in CSV format, and automatically import and paginate into InDesign.

Earlier issues had apparently been edited by sending Word documents back and forth with the previous designer, with line-by-line edits being inserted manually. The new process worked smoothly and saved a great deal of time at both ends.

Page Layouts

The catalogues included seven standard page templates, plus a bespoke introduction / contents page, and a full automatically-generated index.

Two books per page, and one book per page layouts.

Cover Designs

Oneworld Publications wished to use the design of one of its featured books as the basis for its catalogue cover. I was not given access to the original artwork files, which meant that I had to replicate the design of an existing book cover using, then adapt it to add the OneWorld Publications copy, and to fit the page size of the catalogue.

Front cover of the January – June 2009 catalogue.


The design of the catalogues was very well received by the marketing team and management at Oneworld Publications. They were, however, most impressed with the ease with which the catalogue had been produced and updated. My knowledge of EasyCatalog and InDesign saved countless hours of editing, and allowed for much quicker iteration and feedback.

After completing my first issue, I was commissioned again to produce two further issues. Unfortunately I was unable to take on later issues due to time constraints with other projects, however I provided their next designer with the original source files and full instructions.

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