Michael Television’s Interloper


Michael Television’s Interloper was a band that existed in various forms from 1996 to 2009. Musical styles ranged from industrial to punk to hip-hop, and influences included PWEI and the Beastie Boys.

Complex by Michael Television’s Interloper.

I joined the band on guitar in 2005, under the name Misc, alongside frontman/bassist Michael Television and lead guitarist Felix Morvan Rocksta. We were later joined by Mister Chainsaw who took over bass guitar and backing vocals. We wrote and recorded tracks at our home studios, coming together to rehearse on a regular basis. We played a number of gigs and parties across Swindon and London.

“Hook, breakdown, hook, hook, breakdown, sweat, fall over, end.”

Michael Television

Burn the shit, mind the gap,
Suffer a teenage heart attack.
This is the crux that falls on us.
This is the life we lead.

Undef Breakup live at The Victoria, Swindon in 2006.

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